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Incentives and Performance

Alexandre Guay
Thomas Pradeu (dir.)
Individuals across the sciences
Oxford University Press (2015)
416 p.

Incentives and Performance

Éric Montpetit 
Erick Lachapelle
«Information, values and expert decision-making: the case of soil decontamination.»
Policy Sciences (2015) pp 1-17

Incentives and Performance

Xue Han 
Jorge Niosi
«Star scientists in PV technology and the limits of academic entrepreneurship.»
Journal of Business Research (2015)

Incentives and Performance

Christophe Malaterre
«Chemical evolution and life.»
BIO Web of Conferences 
vol. 4 n°2 (2015)

Incentives and Performance

Yves Gingras
«Necessity and contingency in the discovery of electron diffraction»
dans Soler, Trizio, Pockering (dir.) 
Science as it could have been : Discussing the contingency / inevitability problem, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015, pp. 202-219


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08.04.2016 | UQAM,  room N-8150 | 12h30 - 14h00
Débat autour de l'essai L'impossible dialogue. Sciences et religions (Boréal, 2016)
with Yves Gingras (histoire, UQAM) et Dario Perinetti(philosophie, UQAM)

22.04.2016 | UQAM,  W-5215
Colloque «Psy-ences». Perspectives historiques et philosophiques sur la classification dans les sciences «psy»
Orgnisé par Vincent Guillin (UQAM) et Alexandra Bacopoulos-Viau (McGill)

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Social Media in Scholarly Communication. A Review of the Literature and Empirical Analysis of Twitter Use by SSHRC Doctorat Award Recipients

Vincent Larivière and his team, Sam Work, Stefanie Haustein and Timoty Bowman, have produced this research report for the SSHRC.

For another year , Yves Gingras back on the airwaves of Radio's popular science Les années lumière. His monthly column invites you to discover the backstage of research. It is broadcast at 12:50 on the first channel of Radio Canada ( 95.1 FM) . In December 2015, he talks about the usefulness of the useless research.

These next few weeks Canal Savoir offers two programs to which the replay CIRST worked . For a list of dates and times of broadcast, or to view shows online:

-  La nouvelle production de la connaissance 
-  Produire la connaissane (panel)