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Pierre-Olivier Méthot, Samuel Alizon
« What is a pathogen? Toward a process view of host-parasite interactions »
vol. 5, no 8 (2014) pp. 775-785


Stefanie Haustein, Vincent Larivière
« The Use of Bibliometrics for Assessing Research: Possibilities, Limitations and Adverse Effects »
I.M. Welpe, J. Wollersheim, S. Ringelhan, M. Osterloh (dir.) Incentives and Performance. Governance of Research Organizations
Springer (2015) pp. 121-139


Jean-Pierre Beaud
« Controverses, crises et changement dans les systèmes statistiques »
Statistique et Société
vol. 2, no 3 (2014) pp. 41-48


Vincent Larivière, Benoît Macaluso
« Researcher's publication patterns and their use for author disambiguation »
Y. Ding, R. Rousseau, D. Wolfram (dir.) Measuring Scholarly Impact - Methods and Practice
Springer (2014) pp. 147-167


Pierre Doray, Alix Lefebvre-Dugré et Quentin Delavictoire
« Action publique et usage des statistiques : L’institutionnalisation des politiques de la réussite »
Education comparée, no 11 (2014) pp. 83-110


[ important dates ]

14.04.2015 | UQAM, room N-8510 | 12h30
Briser les barrières entre éconophysique et économie financière
Franck Jovanovic
et Christophe Schinckus
The University of Leicester School of Management et CIRST

17.04.2015 | UQAM, room N-8150 | 12h30
Médecine personnalisée et EBM: quelle articulation et quelle modification du rôle des statistiques
Elodie Giroux
, Université Lyon III

[ in the media ]

Each month, discover the column of Vincent Larivière in the magazine Découvrir of the ACFAS.
In february 2015, Vincent Larivière, Stefanie Haustein and Philippe Mongeon highlight the positive impact of the rise of digital technology for major scientific publishers. These now publish more than half of scholarly articles in both natural and medical sciences and social sciences.

[ video ]

During a day dedicated to the next generation of researchers, organized by ACFAS in September 2014, Frédéric Bouchard and Louise Dandurand led a workshop for students and researchers to better understand the research system in Quebec. Frédéric Bouchard gave a presentation dealing with the diversity of actors and the complexity of the research system in Quebec, supported by a slide show prepared by several members of the CIRST. Video recording, made possible through the financial support of Situating Science, is available on our new Youtube channel.