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Pierre-Olivier Méthot, Samuel Alizon
« What is a pathogen? Toward a process view of host-parasite interactions »
vol. 5, no 8 (2014) pp. 775-785


Stefanie Haustein, Vincent Larivière
« The Use of Bibliometrics for Assessing Research: Possibilities, Limitations and Adverse Effects »
I.M. Welpe, J. Wollersheim, S. Ringelhan, M. Osterloh (dir.) Incentives and Performance. Governance of Research Organizations
Springer (2015) pp. 121-139


Jean-Pierre Beaud
« Controverses, crises et changement dans les systèmes statistiques »
Statistique et Société
vol. 2, no 3 (2014) pp. 41-48


Vincent Larivière, Benoît Macaluso
« Researcher's publication patterns and their use for author disambiguation »
Y. Ding, R. Rousseau, D. Wolfram (dir.) Measuring Scholarly Impact - Methods and Practice
Springer (2014) pp. 147-167


Pierre Doray, Alix Lefebvre-Dugré et Quentin Delavictoire
« Action publique et usage des statistiques : L’institutionnalisation des politiques de la réussite »
Education comparée, no 11 (2014) pp. 83-110


[ important dates ]

20.02.2015 | UQAM, room N-8150 | 12h30
Suis-je cultivé? Manifestes pour la culture scientifique
Round table with Bernard Schiele (UQAM),
Florence Millerand (UQAM) and Johanne Lebel (ACFAS)

13.03.2015 | UQAM, room N-8150 | 12h30
La science menace-t-elle le pluralisme?
Éric Montpetit, political science, Université de Montréal

[ video ]

During a day dedicated to the next generation of researchers, organized by ACFAS in September 2014, Frédéric Bouchard and Louise Dandurand led a workshop for students and researchers to better understand the research system in Quebec. Frédéric Bouchard gave a presentation dealing with the diversity of actors and the complexity of the research system in Quebec, supported by a slide show prepared by several members of the CIRST. Video recording, made possible through the financial support of Situating Science, is available on our new Youtube channel.

[ news ]

In the journal Forum, Mathieu-Robert Sauvé presents the work of Held Barbosa de Souza about post-doctoral students. She graduated in information science under the supervision of Vincent Larivière. She demonstrated that post-doctoral students publish more article per year than professors and PhD candidates, and that their work have more scientific impact.