Foundations of Economic Change

The Journey of Innovation

Niosi, J. (2018). The Journey of Innovation. Dans A. Pyka et U. Cantner (dir.), Foundations of Economic Change. A Schumpeterian View on Behaviour, Interaction and Aggregate Outcomes (p. 269-282). Bâle: Springer.

About this book

The book illustrates the considerable advances in modern evolutionary economics and addresses core questions of economic behaviour, interaction of heterogeneous actors in uncertain environments and the possibility of aggregating observations on a macro-economic level. It presents the foundations of economic change as the major building blocks of an economic approach that focusses on complex processes driven by endogenous innovation as well as crisis. The theoretical considerations are complemented by econometric studies to demonstrate the relevance of evolutionary-economic thinking to improve our understanding of the most challenging issues related to economic growth and development.

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