Patient and Health Care Provider Needs and Preferences in Understanding Pharmacogenomic and Genomic Testing: A Meta-Data Analysis

Tests that feature genomic indicators can now be used to guide the pharmacological treatment of patients. To better identify the needs and preferences of patients and health care providers in facilitating their understanding of information related to such pharmacogenomic tests (PGx), a review of literature on knowledge translation and health literacy in the context of testing was conducted. Using a grounded theory-based approach, a comparative analysis of data from 36 studies meeting the criteria for the meta-data analysis has revealed the recurrence of three principal themes: (a) knowledge and understanding of genetics and pharmacogenomics; (b) experiences with genetic, genomic, or PGx testing (decision about the test, information delivery, and understanding of test results); and (c) educational/informational resources. This synthesis sheds light on each theme from the standpoint of both patients and health care providers and suggests avenues in which to direct efforts to support the introduction of pharmacogenomic tests in current practice.

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