Les paradigmes de la revue Criminologie : auteurs, revues et disciplines qui ont marqué son histoire

Leclerc, C., Ream, F., Décary-Hétu, D., Macaluso, B. et Larivière, V. (2018). Les paradigmes de la revue Criminologie : auteurs, revues et disciplines qui ont marqué son histoireCriminologie, 51(1), 79-109.

This paper looks at whether Criminologie has been influenced by any particular intellectual position or positions through analysis of the 19,813 references cited in the papers it has published over the last 40 years. The most influential authors, journals, and disciplines are discussed in relation to the effect they might have had on the articles in which they are cited. The results show that the thinking that influenced those published in Criminologie was highly decentralized: we found no dominant authors or journals. The most cited authors and journals were those who understood how to diversify their research and capture the attention of a broad audience in different research traditions.

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