Computer-Supported Collaboration: Simulation-Based Training Using LEGO®

Learning the effects of proximity and distance in collaborative work and comprehend the challenges and possibilities of information technology use in distributed teams can be challenging for students. The present paper describes a LEGO® simulation-based training (SBT) and shows how the use of LEGO® bricks and a videoconferencing platform can help students experiment first-hand computer-supported collaboration (CSC). Students who participated in SBT sessions adopted different work coordination and information sharing strategies. The working patterns observed during three different SBT sessions were analyzed and put into perspective using the literature on collaborative work. Findings show that, using LEGO® bricks to recreate a “real-life" situation, allow students to immediately immerse in the challenges faced by “virtual workers” and enable them to more easily and deeply understand and integrate theoretical concepts related to collaborative work and computer-supported collaboration.

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