Cartographier l’évolution du contenu de la revue Archives au moyen des techniques de fouille de textes et de bibliométrie

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Association des archivistes du Québec (AAQ), five archivists conducted an analysis of the content of the journal Archives using an approach based on text-mining techniques and completed by a bibliometric analysis. These approaches make it possible to process large amounts of data in order to automatically extract some characteristics that allow them to learn about both the thematic evolution of the journal and the place occupied by its production in the scientific and professional archival space in Quebec and internationally. Their article offers an opportunity to review the main themes addressed in the journal for the last twenty years by reporting on the evolution of the research topics studied and, more generally, the archival profession. It also allows them to question the links existing between the authors and their institutions and to ask them about the academicization or professionalisation of the journal.

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