Conférence ”Progress in the Sciences and in the Arts”

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Philip Kitcher, Columbia University


The view that the sciences make progress, while the arts do not, is extremely common.  This lecture will challenge it.  I begin by distinguishing teleological progress from pragmatic progress.   You make pragmatic progress not by coming closer to a goal, but by solving some of the problems of your current state.  Scientific progress should be seen as pragmatic.  When the point is recognized, it becomes evident that scientific progress has social dimensions.  A socially embedded notion of scientific progress then allows for a parallel concept of progress applicable to the arts.

*Conférence en anglais

La conférence est co-organisée avec le Réseau montréalais de philosophie des sciences, le Département de philosophie de l’Université McGill et le Centre de recherche interuniversaire sur la science et la technologie (CIRST).

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